"Modernisation" has been an Industry buzz-word for years and the reason it's been kicking around for so long is that the methods of achieving it have always been so appalling - let's invest millions in a redevelopment using PHP or buy a screen-scraper and re-use our code knowing the results are really just a green-screen looking a bit prettier.

Now there is an alternative that can get you from green-to-browser with very little effort, re-using your code and more importantly your programmers, creating something that is genuinely WEB using good-old RPG-ILE. The product for the job is Profound UI 

We are not a sales function of Profound Logic by-the-way, though feel-free to mention us if you make enquiries. What we have is the expertise to take your existing applications & programming team, re-train them and point your project in the right direction then let you go on your way when you feel you are ready. 

Just ask yourself which of the following versions of the same program you want your employees to be using:-


For further information contact Colin on 07785 501959 or Rob on 07548 371923

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