Configuring the 2020 Logistics Database

At the core of any good system is the flexibility and configurability of the database. With 2020 Vehicle Solutions, you can easily set up the following and much more without the need to use any costly programming resource:

  • Company calendar - holidays, closures etc. 
  • Workshop & Claims - components, damage & action codes 
  • Standard work, campaigns
  • Users/groups, applications (handheld & browser) and security, mailing lists
  • Dealers
  • Clients & manufacturers, contracts, holds, dealers, models, colours, zones
  • Depots, yards, transporter pitches, work shops and work centres
  • Parts/Stores, Costs/Prices, Order/Quantities 
  • Work Rates/types, cost centres
  • Driver & Transporter resource including sub-contract/first tier
  • Workshop/Delivery Leadtimes
  • Delivery Rates
  • Claims categories, letter templates, parameters